Hi. I’m Genevieve, and I can help you tell your story.

For more than 15 years, I have helped brands connect with their customers by creating content that builds trust. Through white papers, video scripts, case studies, eBooks, and technical articles, I transform complex issues into clear and compelling stories.

Most of my longstanding clients are in healthcare policy, health IT, diversity and inclusion consulting, artificial intelligence, and IoT, and I occasionally cover food and beverage. In addition to writing for B2B brands, I also help individual leaders raise their profiles through blogs, op-eds, press releases, and social media. 

Do you have a project in mind? Please reach out to me at genevieve@gendiesing.com

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“Genevieve is a fantastic writer and story teller. She redefined how we shared our work through blogs and other written pieces. She redesigned and framed our story in a way that engaged hospital leaders from around the country. She is an excellent speech writer and can also grasp vast amount of complex content and simplify it in a way that audiences can easily understand.”

Priya Bathija, The American Hospital Association

“I worked closely with Genevieve on both electronic and print articles and projects, and have found her work to be top-notch. She is practical, thoughtful, and questioning. I trusted her with valued assignments and projects.”

Paul Barr, Modern Healthcare

“I have used Genevieve as a freelance writer for my company. She is a pleasure to work with and her writing is always contextually correct, professional, and high quality. If I could hire Genevieve full-time I would absolutely do it!”

Duane Elliott Reynolds, Founder and CEO at Just Health Collective

“As a freelance business writer, Genevieve did a great job in creating our article ‘Manufacturing can be competitive in the United States’ which today is still the number one returned item under a Google search using those words, two years after being written. She listened well and quickly grasped what we were hoping to accomplish, and then through diligent research uncovered relevant examples in support of our thesis, while doing a superb job in writing the article and collaborating on multiple drafts. I enthusiastically recommend Genevieve for any professional looking to write a business-related article for publication.”

John W. Kemp, Independent Sponsor